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Welcome, a new era is about to begin where the essence, fun and competitiveness of the game have been respected and improved in a new fast format but that satisfies even the highest standards players, for more information: Click on this link.

The server will be online that same day without monsters, Friday 31Th May (western countries) and 28 (for east countries), 1 hour before the hour described in this publication in order all players have solved any issues accesing the game. The client's download and account registration are already available.

Opening schedule


11:00 pm (Friday)           Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras
12:00 pm (Friday) Ecuador, Colombia, México, Perú, Estados Unidos
13:00 pm (Friday) Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Panamá, Venezuela
14:00 pm (Friday) Argentina, Brasil, Uruguay
18:00 am (Friday) España, Portugal, Poland
3:00 am (Saturday) Latvia
1:00 am (Saturday) Vietnam
2:00 am (Saturday) Philippines


If you have any problem, download the client or log in to your account, you can receive help from our administrator, creating a support ticket, logging into the web and going to this link: Send us an email. Alternatively, you can ask for help from the community and other staff members in our help section in our community forums or facebook group, enter here: Help section - Facebook Group.

[ES] Links de descargas listos, pueden descargar el juego en el enlace de abajo, y registrar su cuenta. La inauguración es el Viernes 31 de Mayo


[EN] Download links ready, you can download the game in the link below, and register your account. The opening is Friday, May 31.


[PT] Download links prontos, você pode baixar o jogo no link abaixo, e registrar sua conta. A abertura é Viernes, 31 de Mayo.







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